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Our Vision: The Board of Directors is charged with preserving and enhancing Bend Golf Club’s 95-plus year reputation as an invaluable recreational and social organization.

Our Mission: To foster an inclusive, welcoming, and casual member-owned community, based on shared interests in exceptional recreational and social experiences. 

Our Strategies:
  1. Offer exceptional golf and other year-round recreational facilities and activities.
  2. Encourage friendship, courtesy, and integrity among all members, guests, and staff. 
  3. Contribute to our community. 
  4. Promote multi-generational and varied types of memberships. 
  5. Provide enjoyable dining, beverage, and social options. 
  6. Sustain financial stability through competent and responsible management of staff, infrastructure, and resources. 
  7. Develop systems to gather and maintain in-depth knowledge of our own membership and the private club market in general, in order to retain existing members and attract a reliable stream of new members.