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Dress Code

All Bend Golf Club members and guests must dress appropriately at all times at our club.  Common sense and good taste should always prevail, balancing the club’s generally casual culture, fashion trends, standards at private golf clubs of equivalent quality and mutual respect for our members, guests and rules. 

On the golf course, all golf practice facilities and adjacent common areas, everyone must wear golf attire.  Men must wear tucked-in collared shirts (except for fashion, golf-specific collarless shirts and straight-hemmed, hip-level shirts designed not to be tucked in); and hemmed long slacks or shorts.  Women must wear collared tops (sleeved, sleeveless or racerbacked); and hemmed long slacks or shorts, dresses or skirts designed as golf apparel.  Consistent with the club’s tradition, denim jeans are permissible.  T-shirts, tank tops, sweats, gym shorts, cutoffs and torn/ragged apparel of any kind are never permitted.  All golfers must wear spikeless or soft-spiked shoes or golf-specific sandals (no traditional hard-spiked shoes are allowed).

On the second floor of the clubhouse, everyone must wear, at a minimum, golf attire, consistent with the preceding paragraph, although tennis attire plus athletic-fabric cover-ups over any clothing not conforming to golf attire are permitted in the Ponderosa Room before 6:00 p.m.  T-shirts, tank tops, sweats, gym shorts, cutoffs and torn/ragged apparel of any kind are never allowed.  Men shall not wear hats inside the clubhouse dining room.  Shoes, sandals or golf/athletic footwear must be worn.

On the first floor of the clubhouse, court attire (tennis or pickleball) and non-marking shoes must be worn on the courts.  Sports/exercise clothes are to be worn at the workout facilities and proper swimwear is required in the pool area.  Torn or ragged apparel is never permitted anywhere.  Swimwear is only permitted in the immediate pool area.  Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times except at the pool. 

Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests and children comply with these same standards.  The Board shall establish appropriate disciplinary actions and procedures for violations of this policy.